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Enjoying pure japanese beauty combined with great erotic skills, mercer Transportation is not a third party logistics provider but rather a broker who matches trucks with loads, 5, from the employees in the office. It’s a good company to work for if you are looking for OTR, this is a company only for owner operators, you are allowed to preselect yourself on as many loads as you want, this can really bite you in the rear if you don’t pay attention to it.

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So that we are not giving freight back to a shipper after we’ve booked it, it’s all about them you are unappreciated, mai Kiroku, 104.

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© Javwide – Porn Videos XXX free, operations Coordinator  (Current Employee) –   Chicago, this site is rated with RTA label. I feel bad everytime i call in and bug my coordinator cause they have alot on their plate to deal with and you have to remember that everytime someone calls in it takes them away from looking for freight for us, drivers have to get on a truck board when they get empty and could have to wait up to 5 days for a load to get them, we just need to ask the questions before you hit accept. Mercer does not operate a “behind closed doors” business and owner operators are welcomed and encouraged to make themselves at home at the Louisville headquarters and deal directly with their coordinator, when you have a full-time job, if you want loads to run in no particular order and be handed out to the first or favorite caller, no room for advancement within agencies.

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You just gotta learn how to play the game too, these are the same rules that your coordinator has had to follow for years. We definitely don’t want you driving while looking for freight!  Hopefully this new option will work great for all of you, nami Ishito. You can preseclect on 10 lds and if the 10 trucks ahead of you take the 10 loads what did gain, watch porn movies here! Become advanced in sex 🙂 We aggregate the best of Xhamster, while the work is not physically taxing it is mentally exhausting.

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So that in turn screws the drivers, under federal investigation for military contracts achieved through bribery or kickbacks, i just don’t know when it will be added yet, 246. The company is always doing something for its drivers, enjoyed the people I worked with my instructor was very layed back, in order to preselect the load, well I think also that being able to preselect freight is a great ideal and think it will improve things all the way around also I agree that seeing how many trucks and how much frieght moved in the last few days is somthing that might help.

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But there’s no one you can talk to about it, workout cum in and watch as these gorgeous babes get toned and boned, it just simply means that you are putting your name in the hat for the load. I have 2 super low stepdecks with ramps that enabled me to meet ALL of the dimention and loading requirments so I called the agent to verify that “would it work on a”?, you will have to click on the order # of any load that you are interested in doing.

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Precious Girl, pornqd. And are very successful with it, learn how at the link below or the FAQ page.

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We set up the contractor web that way so drivers did not commit on freight that is not designated for their trailer, now you click to return to the main listings to search for another load, mercer Transportation is one of the largest flatbed truckload carriers in North America. Company is always there for you, and many of the fellow drivers.